Get to Know Jeremy!

In part two of our “Get to Know” series we learn about President Jeremy Woitaszewski! Jeremy is a gifted architect and a visionary leader. But what makes him tick? We thought you might want to know! Get to know Jeremy!

Home and Professional basics

Grand Island, NE

Southeast Community College
Iowa State University

SAAS Drafting Technology
Bachelor of Architecture

Favorite food
Bacon Cheeseburger

Least favorite food
Lima Beans

Can you cook?

Favorite cocktail/mocktail
Most things and vodka

Lily (yorkypoo) dog

Some of His faves

Favorite band
Dream Theater

Favorite vacation spot
Disney World (Florida)

Out in the woods or into the city? 

First thing you’ll do/place you’ll go when things go back to “normal”

Drumming, guitaring, drawing, traveling

Things that Shaped Him

First job
Framing houses

Worst job
Framing luxury houses in Lincoln, NE

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Architect 😁 

Do you fit the stereotype of the oldest/youngest/middle child?
Yes… youngest

Something about you that’d surprise people? 
Played in a real bar band (drums) for money when I was 10 years old

Unique talent that’d surprise people
Can sing really well

What Inspires, Who He Admires, and the Future

Favorite architect/designer
Steven Holl

Favorite thing about the work you do
Creative aspect and connecting meaning/art to architecture

Vision for the future
It’s not advanced enough yet


Be patient.
Success in our field comes at a slow pace, but keep trying and learning.

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