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Understanding what our clients need is crucial to our design process, and we recognize that these needs go beyond what is put on paper. Working with Baker Associates is an experience unlike any other, as we provide personalized support and empathy to our clients throughout the duration of their projects. Our philosophy and process is designed so we walk through the design journey with you. 

Baker Associates approaches each project with an entrepreneurial spirit. To us, there is no such thing as the status quo – each client, project, and partnership is unique. Each is an opportunity to build upon our years of experience with fresh eyes and ideas to create projects that both meet client needs and improve the design of the built environment.

Together we imagine, inspire, and create.   


At the core of our philosophy and process is collaboration and communication. We thrive on creating a dialogue with our clients, hearing what they have to say, building trust, and connecting with them on a human and artful level. We listen. We analyze. Then we design. We translate information into unique solutions that not only exceed expectations of both form and function, but also connect to who the client really is, developing a human connection to the spaces we create.


As we begin the journey with our clients our team is always motivated and encouraging. Our clients inspire us. It is our desire to bring clients along the design journey with us, supporting them so they can dream and design alongside us, excited about the ideas and the connections to their lives. So they can relish the process as the concepts start to come to life. We are an all-encompassing resource for architecture and design services – and an excited partner in our clients’ journey.


At Baker Associates we want to shape each your vision with knowledge gained from decades of experience and make it a reality. Design is a journey. We want to be your advocate – your design partner – and guide you through the design process, creating intuitive solutions along the way. With consistency, reliability, and true partnership we will articulate your individual story though architecture and design.

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Baker Associates helps clients imagine and create environments that articulate their story though architecture and design.

Our multi-disciplinary team of in-house architects and interior designers provide client-focused, holistic design services that focus on efficient and cost-effective solutions that fit clients’ needs and budgets. Our team can guide you through the design process from start to finish for any remodel or new construction project.

Baker Associates’ client-focused approach and services combines the small-firm service you deserve with the experience you need.


Our architecture team is experienced and well versed in developing well-detailed structures. Per client requests, their creative abilities are often used to produce a-prototypical facilities. 

Interior Design

Our in-house interior design department is skilled at bringing comfort and the personality of clients into their spaces. They work in tandem with our architects to ensure that each building’s interior spaces feel connected and polished.

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