How to WOW Your Customers

Once upon a time, car shopping was an exciting experience – you could (and wanted to!) make a day of it. Now, people are busy, much is done online, and because of COVID, some are reluctant to come to a dealership. It is more important than ever to recapture some of the excitement that used to exist when buying a car. Impress your customers and put them at ease. See below for critical steps to WOW your customers and increase your bottom line.


The right balance of human interaction and technical support is essential. People have shifted to digital interfaces in their daily lives, and it’s no different in the automotive showroom. Provide an area that utilizes digital technology for customers to personalize their cars. Give your customers a more interactive and engaging experience.

Expand your services to offer more of the process remotely.

Providing a flexible sales and service business model is key to success in this ever-changing environment.


Transparency builds trust between owners and customers. Today’s consumer is more informed than ever before, and it’s essential to establish a good rapport with them the second they walk in the door. Visual transparency throughout can help support this trust.

Full transparency in the shop can reassure the customer that their car will be handled with the utmost care and support the standard of service the customer expects.


Customers build relationships with companies who offer the convenience they require. Consider offering working areas and multiple types of seating throughout the facility. Accommodate families by providing a themed childchildren’s with comfortable seating and entertainment to keep them occupied.

These added amenities offer customers the convenience they need and the knowledge that they are appreciated and valued — making them willing to return.


It seems obvious, but keep your dealership clean. Reduce clutter by providing ample closed storage in the showroom and office areas. This allows for a clean visual experience for customers.

Provide abundant cabinets and concealed trash/recycle units within your cafe to create a seamless, organized, and clean space.


Make it about them.
Offer a cheerful environment and a place where they can get their questions answered and take the time they need to make this critical decision. Make them feel special and happy they came into your dealership.

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