Illusion Theater Renovation

TBT – September 24, 2000, Star Tribune article about Baker Associates’ work on the Illusion Theater renovation. It also gives a good history of some of our other theater experiences!

The Illusion Theater, located in downtown Minneapolis, was undergoing a significant renovation project. The theater, which opened in 1922 as the Walker East Side Theatre, has undergone multiple renovations and changes of ownership in its long history.

The renovation included replacing the seats, repainting the walls, adding new lighting and sound systems, and updating the lobby area.

The Illusion Theater’s rich history includes producing some of Minnesota’s finest theater experiences, hosting live performances by local and national acts, and having a role in developing many local playwrights.

Baker Associates created plans to modernize the theater while preserving its historic character. The result was a beautiful and functional space that could accommodate large audiences and intimate gatherings.

The Illusion Theater has gone on to become one of the most popular and beloved theaters in Minneapolis. It has seen thousands of patrons come through its doors and continues to host dynamic performances from local and national artists.

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