Baker Associates Promotes Nguyen Hoang to Associate Principal

Baker Associates is excited to announce that Nguyen Hoang has been promoted to associate principal in charge of automotive design.

Hoang offers a unique blend of expertise in the automotive industry. He is an accomplished automotive architectural designer who has also worked on the operations side of a dealership, offering additional insight on how the business works. This allows him to see both the details and the big picture.

Hoang brings over 11 years of design experience and a passion for the industry. At Baker Associates he leads and provides guidance to a team of designers working on projects in the automotive sector.

Hoang views projects differently after his time on the operations side of a dealership. He made his way back to Baker Associates with a new design philosophy: if something doesn’t work it’s not an operational failure, it’s a design failure. It’s a challenge to him now to fix things in a way that it wasn’t before.

Hoang’s extensive automotive project experience, coupled with his dedication to creating efficiencies and solution-oriented design, offer a unique understanding that will be an asset to each project.

When he’s not in the office, Hoang enjoys working on his own vehicles.

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