Baker Associates Announces New Firm Ownership

Baker Associates' Kristy Dahlvang is now CEO | Principal of Interior Design under the new firm ownership
Kristy Dahlvang, CID
CEO | Principal of Interior Design

Baker Associates' Jeremy Woitaszewski is now President | Principal of Architecture under the new firm ownership
Jeremy Woitaszewski, AIA
President | Principal of Architecture

Baker Associates announced the firm’s new ownership and management structure, effective January 1, 2020.

This just in at Baker Associates: Kristy Dahlvang is CEO and Principal of Interior Design, and Jeremy Woitaszewski is President and Principal of Architecture of the now woman-owned business.

This leadership shift follows President Jon Baker’s retirement in late December 2019.

Dahlvang and Woitaszewski served as managing partners and led the company alongside Jon Baker before his retirement. This experience will provide a smooth transition of operations and continuity of services to the firm’s clients.

“Having worked side-by-side with Jon Baker, we have adopted and stand by the core principles of the firm. We intend to maintain those with each of our clients moving forward,” said President Jeremy Woitaszewski. “We are also looking forward to taking Baker Associates to the next level and keeping its legacy going and growing for generations to come.”

Now entering its third generation, Baker Associates has proven that it can endure leadership evolution and stay true to its principles.

“The strength of the firm lies in our unwavering commitment to both quality design and quality people,” said former President Jon Baker. “Kristy and Jeremy encompass the very essence of the principles under which Baker Associates was founded. I look forward to seeing the firm continue to grow and transform under their leadership.”

Dahlvang has more than 15 years of experience managing design projects and is a natural leader. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing the firm’s interior design services and coordinating efforts with the architectural teams to increase the in-house services available for the benefit of clients. Her passion for client service drives everything she does.

“I’m excited by what Baker Associates has to offer, now and in the future,” said CEO Kristy Dahlvang. “We continue to add to our design talent, which will allow us to build upon the knowledge gained from decades of experience. We’re excited to both honor the firm’s legacy and bring it into the future.”

Woitaszewski brings over 20 years of experience and a passion for design and details. His primary responsibilities include serving as design director and overseeing the firm’s architectural services. He joined Baker Associates in 2018 as a managing principal in preparation for this leadership transition. His track record of achievements has led to natural growth in the role.

Looking to the future, Woitaszewski talks about the firm’s process – a true partnership with clients.

“People have often been familiar with Baker Associates’ designs, but what doesn’t make the papers is our process,” Woitaszewski jokes. “Our philosophy is a very people-centered approach – it is designed as a partnership so we walk through the design journey with you. Together we imagine, inspire and create.”

Baker Associates’ process is focused on collaboration and communication. Understanding what clients need is crucial to the design process and goes beyond what is on paper. They provide personalized support and empathy to clients throughout their projects, working with them to create intuitive solutions. The firm thrives on creating a dialogue with clients, hearing what they have to say, building trust, and connecting with them on a human and artful level. They listen, they analyze, then they design. The result is a successful, client-focused process that they do together.

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