Get to Know Kristy!

In part one of our “Get to Know” series we learn about CEO Kristy Dahlvang! Kristy is a talented designer, a gifted leader, and an understanding person. But what makes her tick? We thought you might want to know! Get to know Kristy!

kristy dahlvang

Home and Professional basics

Hutchinson, MN
Go Tigers!

Harrington College of Design  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Favorite food
Coffee, does that count?

Least favorite food
Brussel sprouts. It’s hard to make them delicious no matter how they are prepared!

Two ragdoll cats, Butters and Bailey. They are cute little explosions of fur. 

Kristy Dahlvang on rock in water

Some of her faves

Favorite band
Right now, it’s Florence and the Machine. But I will always have nostalgia for 90s alternative music.

Favorite book(s)
I’m working through Traction by Gino Wickman at the moment. When traveling, I really enjoy reading autobiographies of comedians or musicians. I find their lives to be so fascinating.

Favorite vacation spot

First thing you’ll do/place you’ll go when things go back to “normal”
So many places… I can’t decide! If I had to pick, it would be getting back out west to catch the fresh powder in Colorado or Whistler, BC.

Out in the woods or into the city? 
Out in the woods! I would live in a sustainable and nicely finished treehouse if I could! Someday…

Kristy Dahlvang Minnesota shirt

Things that Shaped Her

First job
Sales Associates at The Stepping Stone Gallery, which sadly is no longer open. The owner retired years ago. It was such a cute little framing and art store on Main Street.

Do you fit the stereotype of the oldest/youngest/middle child? 
Youngest – and yes!

Unique talent that’d surprise people
Figure skating. I used to compete back in high school.

If only I had time! If I did, I would like to pick up sculpture and painting again. I’ve also been really wanting to take a martial arts class.

Kristy Dahlvang victorious pose wooded area

What Inspires, Who She Admires, and the Future

Favorite architect/designer
I have always admired strong female design professionals, especially since our industry is still male dominated. I have always admired Lauren Rottet from Rottet Studio. Locally here, I also admire Betsy Vohs and Julie Snow. 

Who do you most admire? 
I don’t have a particular person in mind, but I most admire people who are strong and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. I’m particularly inspired by those who have overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams and the lessons they can provide. 

Favorite thing about the work you do 
I love creatively solving problems. I love the challenge, the journey, and finding the solution. I also like learning through the process (when time allows!).

Vision for the future 
I’m a futurist, so I have a vision for everything!


Learn, learn, learn.
Always strive to absorb as much information as possible and always be open to different ideas and perspectives to the design approach. Our industry is about problem solving, and in my opinion, the solution can be stronger when done with the collective mind.

Find great mentors.
Both within and outside of our industry. Learn from other people’s advice and perspectives to gain a better understanding to solve design problems or attain professional/personal goals.

Don’t fear failure.
Life is about the journey.

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