A Minneapolis That Was Never Built

Baker Associates recently moved into a new studio space at the Andrus Building in downtown Minneapolis. While unpacking we uncovered some historical documents from our storied history dating back to 1959. Part of this journey included reaching out to local historical societies and writers to gauge if there was any interest in the amazing items we had uncovered. When reviewing the documents, we found a super interesting potential project that would have majorly reshaped downtown Minneapolis… but it was never built.

This became the centerpiece of the article that James Lileks from the Star Tribune came to our studio to discuss. Along with this novel finding we were able to also discuss the exciting future we have envisioned for Baker Associates and the direction we are taking the firm.

Very cool article… see the below pics from the article for a teaser of what could have been. Want to learn more? Read the article to see what they’re about!

View the entire article here.